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      Sea Turtle Conservation

      Sea Turtle Conservation

      We are a company of NC natives. You might not know that North Carolina coast is a nesting location for 5 of the worlds 7 species of sea turtle.

      Commercial fishing, plastic ingestion, poaching, climate change, and natural habitat destruction are just some of the dangers these beautiful animals face. It’s a bigger problem than you might think. 6 of the 7 species of sea turtles are listed as endangered or threatened.

      While I think it is silly to presume that a small effects pedal company is going to turn the tide on the commercial fishing industry. I would like to try and move the needle in the right direction.

      That is why Tonetuga FX donates a percentage of our annual profits to one of many sea turtle conservation efforts.

      A personal favorite of ours is the Oceanic Society which is responsible for the State of the World’s Sea Turtles Program. This program compiles and releases data on sea turtle migration, health, nesting and more to support conservation and research efforts worldwide [Current Report]. The database is super cool and publicly available HERE.

      Don’t want a pedal?

      No worries, times are tight, luckily you can donate directly to the Oceanic Society HERE.

      They rely entirely on volunteers and donations so every little bit helps.