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      About Us:

      I started Tonetuga because the pedals that I wanted to play didn’t exist. They didn’t sound how I wanted, they didn’t look how I wanted, they had features that I thought were silly and impractical. I went to a few smaller companies about making some specialty stuff and always got some version of “we don’t have any plans to do anything like that right now”. So, I bought a few books and a bunch of broken craigslist pedals, burned myself with a soldering iron a few times and landed here.

      There is more to a pedal than simply changing your sound. There is an important link between the artwork and the sound that is missed out on. I want you to have a perception of what the pedal is going to sound like before you ever step on it. I want to create a feeling that translates to inspired playing. The feeling of opening a pedal box for the first time, every time you step on it.

      So let's make some noise together!

      What’s with the Turtles?

      You might notice the logo is a turtle. Why? Because they’re beautiful animals that are on the brink of extinction. I am also from North Carolina where they are pretty common during nesting season. If you head on over to our Sea Turtle Conservation page, you can read up on why this is important. We also donate a portion of our profits every year to sea turtle conservation efforts. Won’t always be a lot, we’re a small company after all, but we are doing what we can in the best way we know how.



      All Tonetuga FX pedals are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for 1 year from the date of purchase through Tonetuga FX or Tonetuga FX dealer. After 1 year, if you have any issues, we will fix them for a small bench fee. Items covered by Warranty: Circuit, LED, Footswitch, Potentiometers. Items NOT covered by Warranty: Paint, Artwork, Enclosure and screws, Knobs, Modifications or Negligence.

      Please do not attempt to service or repair any Tonetuga FX product which is under warranty. Any service/modification performed outside of the Tonetuga FX Shop will void your warranty. Just drop us a line, shoot us an email, give us a call, we are very friendly.


        1. You power supply should be 2.1mm Center Negative Regulated 9VDC 100mA. 
        2. Have you tried switching it with a different power supply?
        3. Have you tried plugging your power supply into a DIFFERENT wall outlet/receptacle? (Go to a different room and plug in)
        1. Have you confirmed all of your other pedals are working?
        2. Have you tried making the Tonetuga Pedal the ONLY pedal in your chain? (Guitar > Pedal > Amp)
        3. Have you tried switching out your patch cables?
        1. Have you tried using a different guitar?
        2. Have you tried using a different amplifier?

      In the EXTREMELY unlikely event that none of the above fixes the issue, contact us at Team@TonetugaFX.com Please provide your NAME, ADDRESS, ISSUE, PURCHASE DATE, PURCHASE LOCATION in the email and we will get back to you ASAP.

      If, upon return, it is determined the pedal has been tampered with, this could void your warranty. This is at the sole discretion of Tonetuga FX. Through purchase of Tonetuga FX Products, purchaser agrees to these conditions.

      Return Policy:

      If, by matter of personal taste, you want to return your pedal, returns are not accepted. 

      THAT BEING SAID…If the pedal straight up doesn’t work (See Warranty Statement), Returns are acceptable within 7 Days of purchase/delivery in its original packaging. A 15% restocking fee will apply. Shipping charges are not refundable. Pedal must be in New and Un-used condition. Chips, scratches, velcro on the pedal, damage to the shipping box or packaging will void our return policy.

      Is the Clockwork Multidriver supposed to make that noise?

      Yes, the Clockwork at maxed out gain make a neat-o sputtery oscillating thump. This is on purpose. When you go into that sputty fuzz area try rolling your volume to 10 to get a glitch synthy fuzz tone. Then try going rolling your volume back and forth from 0-4 to change the pitch slope of the gain, you can noodle around in that area to make some pretty cool noises. We encourage you to check out any of the demos for it on YouTube to hear all about it!